What brand of business backpack is good

The business backpack is humanized with a strap storage bag. After the strap is stored, it is more convenient to carry and carry the functions of shoulders or carrying. It can meet the business and leisure appearance conversion. It is a must-have for modern people to go hiking. So, what kind of business package is good? What brand of business backpack is good? Below, Xiaobian will come to organize the top ten business bag brands for everyone!

1, Louis Vuitton LV (1854 France, the world's top 500 brands, the world's first brand in the field of luggage and leather goods, Louis Vuitton (China) Commercial Sales Co., Ltd.)

2. Goldlion Goldlion (Hong Kong, China, 1968, China's well-known trademark, men's businesswear industry influence brand, listed company, large multinational company, Jinlilai (China) Co., Ltd.)

3, seven wolves (China famous brand, Fujian famous brand, provincial high-tech enterprise, listed company, top ten business bag brand, Fujian Qipiwo Industrial Co., Ltd.)

4, St. Paul Polo (started in the United States in 1910, the top ten brands of business bags, the US influence brand, professionally engaged in the production of leather goods, the United States, St. Paul (Polo) company)

5. Samsonite (created in 1910, the top ten business bag brands, large multinational companies, specialized in luggage design and production, Samsonite International Trading Co., Ltd.)

6. Weibao Winpard (in 1988, a group company specializing in the design and manufacture of luggage, China's well-known trademark, Guangdong famous trademark, Guangdong Weibao Industrial Co., Ltd.)

7, Jinluda (founded in 1984, China's well-known trademarks, China's famous brand products, professional leather goods enterprises mainly producing bags, Zhejiang Jinluda Leather Co., Ltd.)

8, Dapai dapai (China famous brand, Fujian famous brand, collection of luggage product design, research and development, production and sales as one of the enterprises, Da Pai (China) Co., Ltd.)

9. Wanlima Wanlima (established in 1989, China's well-known trademark, industrial company integrating production, management, retail and service, Guangdong Wanlima Investment Industrial Co., Ltd.)

10. Aisi Ace (Sino-Japanese joint venture large-scale professional luggage manufacturing enterprise group, one of the largest bases for design, production and sales of luggage in China, Aisi Group (China) Co., Ltd.)

Created on:2018-09-06 13:21